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And Obama's VP is...
Posted By ChasingAmerica - Thursday, August 21st, 2008 at 11:31 AM
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I've thought about it as much as probably everyone else--from the bloggers to the pundits, from the voters to the candidates themselves.

But when I tried to narrow down Obama's and McCain's options in the VP race to a point where I could make an informed prediction of who they'd choose, I couldn't.

Wait, that's not entirely true. I did have my fave. Bill Richardson.  It's not a prediction, just a little bit of wishful thinking.  It ought not have limits on it to where it can only be a wish, though, with all of Richardson's foreign policy experience and his tenure as governor considered.  However, if this country is struggling with just the idea of making a black guy president, then an Obama-Richardson ticket is dead in the water.

But I digress.

When I really thought about viable VP prospects, all I could come up with were the names I would be more than frustrated to hear either McCain or Obama declare as their running mates:  Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton.

Even though something tells me in a world ruled by rationale and common sense that neither one of these people will be chosen, I still bristle at the fact that the both of them have been suggested by various sources as viable VP candidates.  I don't like that there's even a 0.0000001% that  Clinton or Lieberman could be picked.

I could write some overwrought argument against the each of them, enumerating their flaws.  But the each of them have one individual flaw that  stands out.  Those are the ones I want to focus on and Lieberman is up first.

Lieberman strikes me as a man scorned.  He seems hell-bent on getting back at the Democratic party. Al Gore didn't endorse his presidential bid back in 2003, even though he was once Gore's running mate on a losing ticket.    So, this support Lieberman's been giving to McCain is just petty resentment and sour grapes. Also, Lieberman has seemed awfully hawkish to be a Democrat and the fear mongering he's been doing in the Jewish community is more than a little unsettling.

The problem is that with a driving revenge on his mind for the party that seemingly failed him plus his militant nature that plays well with large constituencies who like blind-it's-us-vs.-them rhetoric, Lieberman's addition to McCain's ticket could spell doom for Obama.

Even with some of his Democratic leanings, Lieberman joining a ticket with McCain could be just enough to edge Obama out.  We're living in a dangerous and unpredictable time and there are a lot of folks interested in furthering conflict.  McCain/ Lieberman is the ticket to do that.

What will be interesting is how sour Lieberman grows if McCain doesn't pick him for VP and/or if McCain doesn't go on to win the presidency.  He's going to realize quickly he was only being used by the Republicans and soon won't  have any political prospects with either the Democrats or Republicans. 

But Clinton is another story.  For VP, this woman is such a dangerous choice.  I'm as feminist as the next one, but Clinton doesn't know how to play second string.  I'd say the same thing about Obama if Clinton were the nominee.  They're both Alpha dog type personalities.  The VP spot is where the person playing that role has to step back--I'm afraid Clinton would instead march right across Obama every chance she got on any number of issues.

And I know it may sound really irrational, but I'd rather Obama lose than he and Clinton join together. We'd have a mishmashed, uncentered White House.  Nothing would ever get done. We'd be more vulnerable and made more unstable economically, foreign policy-wise etc. The times we're living in call for clear focus and cooperation, at the least, within our own government.

I'd rather be governed under a McCain / anybody-but-Lieberman White House than a distraction filled Obama/ Clinton one.  This is not about winning an election, this is about America having a fully functioning, transparent and successful White House.  So, ultimately, I want an Obama/ anybody- but- Clinton ticket. 

I'm still sort of rooting for Richardson, though.

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Yes, you can!

I fully second your thoughts. Lieberman is a grumpy old git looking for revenge, while Obama/Clinton would be a match made in hell: nothing would ever get done. (Anyone of my four cats would be a better choice than Clinton for VP…)

As about Richardson – as you put it, if America “is struggling with just the idea of making a black guy president, then an Obama-Richardson ticket is dead in the water.”

I am very much afraid it looks like that. Please, prove me wrong.

A few months ago I was sure Obama would win in November. Nowadays I am – sometimes – afraid all this fear mongering will pay off. Now it’s “beware of the Russians!” (isn’t it?) – instead of beware of… getting duped once again…


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