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The 50 Most Ridiculous Tea Party Slogans
Posted By novenator - Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 at 2:55 PM
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These protest signs are for real.  Hilarious, in a very sad, misguided sort of way, but real slogans submitted by real people.  You can find these at the Tea Party Slogans Repository

1. Obama: Undocumented Socialist         
2. Speak for Yourself Obama! We ARE a Christian Nation!         
3. Beware Obama's Hitler Youth
4. Hitler Gave Good Speeches, Too
5. Obama Never Met a Tax He Didn't Like       
6. What Do You Expect From a Social Worker in the White House?        
7. Obama's Priorities: $900 MILLION to Hamas - $50 THOUSAND to Italy         

8. You Know Why Democrats Love Taxes? They Don't Pay Any!        
9. The New Deal: Franklin Roosevelt's Contribution to Socialism
10. Throw Barney Frank Under the Bus         
11. Liberal Judges Are Destroying America

12. $3 Billion to ACORN, $0 to Protect Our Border!                  
13. ACORN - Another Criminal Organization Ruining Our Country
14. ACORN: Obama's SS
15. Subsidizing ACORN is NUTS!          
16. ACORN: Seed of the Obamanut Tree
17. If Liberals Could Win an Election, Why Do They Need So Much Voter Fraud?       

18. Socialism Is for the Elite - Ask the Slaves Who Live Under Communism & Islam
19. The Goal of Socialism is Communism
20. Socialism and Freedom Don't Mix
21. Capitalism Made America, Not Government        
22. Communists Are Democrats in a Hurry
23. Obammunism: Slavery You Can Believe In
24. Comrade Obama Says OBEY
25. Those Capitalist Pigs Will Pay, Eh Comrade?
26. Just Say NO to Fascism          

27. Don't ask Conservative States to Bail out Progressive States         
28. We Want Freedom From Tax Slavery!
29. Taxation: The New Terrorism
30. Now Is the Time for All Good Men to STOP PAYING TAXES
31. You Cannot Help The Poor By Destroying The Rich
32. Have You Ever Been Employed by a Poor Person?
33. The Only Fair Tax Is NO Tax!

34. Clinging to My God, My Guns, and My Money    
35. Cap 'n' Trade? Lock 'n' Load!
37. Hear My Voice Or Hear My Gun

38. Rush Is Right!
39. Mainstream Media, Hollywood - Guilty of Treason? Yes, They Are!
40. Thank You, FOX News, for Reporting Fairly        

41. Outsource Criminals and Illegals       
42. God Bless Sheriff Arpaio! 

43. U.S. Out Of U.N.
44. $11 Trillion  - Now That's a Lot of Change!        
45. Drill HERE, Drill NOW                 
46. Fund the Military - At Least They're Good At What They Do     
47. Save The Secret Ballot - NO CARD CHECK       
48. If You Think Health Care is Expensive Now, Wait Until It's Free
49. We Volunteer! Government Forces!      
50. They Think We're Stupid            



That's strange, I could have sworn the promoters of this event said it was non-partisan, with people from all parties welcome.  Seems pretty partisan to me, of course the fact that this is an astroturfing event to attack Obama and the Democrats has already been demonstrated here.


Support Eyes On Obama!

Sad, misguided, that's such a nice way to put it...
Some of these really do jump out at you...
The "isms" #23) Obammunism Slavery you can believe in. Unbelievable, and yes- very sad. The irony of this "ism" seems lost on these folks, or do they think it's a clever- turn of phrase...
Why do I get the impression this has a lot more to do with HATE than anything else. Tax day April 15th 2009, we're still paying Bushism tax rates. The rich still have it made. The adjustment that President Obama would make to the rich will be 10% less than what they paid when Reagan was POTUS. Where was this out-rage, and anger when W. gave these huge tax cuts to the rich...
The rich aren't going to some random tea party this morning, the only tee party their going to will be on a green at the golf & country club of their choice...
[ Posted at 7:08 AM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] What, Seriously? - Guest-Jason
Honestly, I went to the site and found a lot more weird lines then these ones. Anyways, the list was mildly amusing. I admit the signs were for the most part pretty poor, but most protest signs are on the cheesey side.

And Jackie Blu, you seriously think this is about people being mad about Tax Cuts for the rich? I guess you could say they more want everyone to have taxes and not just the rich, but honestly, I would think they would be happy for any tax cuts. They want less government control. And why do you assume it's about hate? Maybe they just honestly want less taxes. It's so easy to just say it's based on a prejudice mindset, and it makes absolutely no sense. I honestly think this is what most liberal minded people say when they have no idea what they are talking about. They just blame it on those Southern racist white hillbillies, because they can't come up with anything logical. So they want less taxes because they are racist? Are you serious? Give me a break. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's sure what it sounded like when you mentioned HATE. If you're going to make a statement like that then back it up with something LOGICAL. You backed it up by saying they weren't mad when other presidents made tax breaks, which is what they are asking for,hmmm.... Unbelievable, and yes-
very sad

[ Posted at 7:28 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] jason... - novenator
The think the protesters are WAY off kilter by saying Obama likes taxes in the first place. 95% of Americans are getting a tax cut, while even the wealthiest 5% are only getting them raised to levels well below what they were under Reagan.

jackieblu was certainly correct about the rise of right wing hate in the country. check out the Southern Poverty Law Center at for a good display, or just turn on Fox News, the rhetoric coming out the last few months is going to get people killed imo. I hope not, but they seriously need to tone it down about 8 notches and try to talk rationally.
[ Posted at 8:56 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] oops - novenator
I really need to stop trying to type so fast, lol. That should have started off, "I think". Oops. :)
[ Posted at 8:57 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
95% getting tax cuts? Do you honestly believe everything you hear a politician say? Where do you think this 3 trillion dollars is coming from? The government doesn't "have" money, that money belongs to you and me. WE now are 3 trillion dollars more in the hole and no end in site. How exactly do you assume we will pay this back? Taxes. Sure, Obama says taxes will be lower and he will cut the deficit. But compare it to the years past. He has spent nearly 10 times what Bush spend in 2008... and its not even spring yet. This spending will soon catch up to us and 95% will turn into 90%, 70%, 50% and eventually no one. You can't write a blank check. Nothing comes free. That's what these liberals don't understand. Its not free. Maybe you won't pay for it, but you're children will. Is that what you want?
[ Posted at 12:54 AM on 4/19/09 | Reply ]
[-] My favorite is #40 - KikiBird
"Thank you, Fox News, for reporting fairly." It's almost self-parody.
[ Posted at 4:02 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
Just because these teabaggers like him doesn't mean he's all that quotable.

I respectfully challenge #4.
[ Posted at 4:16 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
He has charisma and he reads teleprompters quite well. Stating that he "gives good speeches" is quite a stretch. Hitler didn't use teleprompters... he was a much better speaker (an evil dictator, but a better speaker)
[ Posted at 1:00 AM on 4/19/09 | Reply ]
[-] Nice - Guest-JohnDavis
LOL, thats pretty funyn dude!

[ Posted at 6:57 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] Tea Party Slogans - Guest-jill
Uh, Uh, Uh, Before you start talking about someone being rediculous, Uh, Uh, maybe you need a head check.

[ Posted at 7:31 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] no - novenator
Case in point folks. This proves the point of the article that the Tea Parties are full of wingnuts that only care about attacking Obama
[ Posted at 8:48 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
[-] no - Guest-jill654
I am guessing you didn't watch the video. There is only one idiot I see in the video and he ain't no republican.
[ Posted at 10:56 PM on 4/14/09 | Reply ]
Please, stop flattering yourself. The Tea Parties weren't anti-Obama. Hundreds of thousands of people didn't stand in protest on April 15th to bash Obama. Nice try though. But no.

Get informed.

The Tea Parties marched against expanding the federal government, increasing taxes, against bailouts and earmarks. The march was about government by the people and for the people. It was about capitalism and against a welfare state of socialism which allows the government to bring all society down to its weakest link. The march wasn't about race. It wasn't about religion, nor political party. It wasn't about Obama... but about the socialist direction he is taking the nation.

Heres an idea, do some research next time before you throw out false information. Then again I'm sure you won't. Because you're a liberal and you're just a sheep following the herd. You just repeat the lies you've been told and murmer things like "racist" in an attempt to debate... Nice try though. You fit in well.
[ Posted at 1:17 AM on 4/19/09 | Reply ]
[-] You're an idiot. - Guest-ChristopherWing
Bush II increased the size of our government by an unprecedented amount. Far more than any "liberal."

But you didn't love America quite as much when Bush was in charge, huh? You couldn't be bothered to talk then, but now you won't shut up.

Thanks for spreading your stupid on the internet, where everyone can see it.

[ Posted at 5:51 PM on 8/18/09 | Reply ]
[-] To Jill - Guest-Mary
Uh Jill--is "rediculous" related to ridiculous? President Obama wants to spend more money on schools--in your case, this is definitely a good thing!
[ Posted at 12:29 AM on 4/15/09 | Reply ]
[-] Slanted to the max! - Guest-Mary
I actually went to their absurd website and tried to post a few common sense comments. Interestingly enough, they wouldn't let me post them! I even got an error message saying I was going too fast and they couldn't keep up--duh! Guess the bozo screening the comments couldn't read as fast as I can type...Anyway, there's supposed to be one close to me tomorrow. I think I'll put on my Obama t-shirt and go walk my dogs there and see if I can't get them to pee on command...
[ Posted at 12:26 AM on 4/15/09 | Reply ]
Error messages that you are 'posting too fast' are very common on websites which permit open commentary.

It's a polite way of saying, "Mary, you ignorant slut, stop trying to monopolize the message board!" The comments weren't being instantly moderated out for being contrary to their opinion - your frequent, rapid-fire posts were automatically rejected by the server. Believing that your "common sense" comments were being rejected by some incensed or overwhelmed moderator is part of your self-reinforcing delusional state of narcissism

What you possess is neither common, nor is it sense.
[ Posted at 11:31 PM on 4/17/09 | Reply ]
All Conservatives want is a political divorce from the far left that is hell-bent on destroying what has made America the most powerful country in the world: the individual. And they're doing it for votes. The more voters they can get to depend on the government, the longer they can stay in power. All liberals are kidding themselves if they really believe that Nancy Pelosi and her henchman are doing what they're doing for the good of the American People. They're doing it for themselves and their political lives.

You liberals can keep your beloved 'Change'. Conservatives will keep the Constitution and the concept that a man should get to keep what he earns, not have the government take it from him to give it to someone who didn't earn it.

Good luck with that....
[ Posted at 10:37 AM on 4/15/09 | Reply ]
[-] Tea Parties - Guest-Patrick
I went with my brother to the tea Party in Corpus Christi, TX hoping just to get a good a laugh at people but ended up leaving feeling like half of my city is full of racist, ignorant bigots.

My favorite sigh I saw was "Don't tax me bro," and "Slavery begins with mandatory taxes," held by a fat old white man.
[ Posted at 9:16 PM on 4/15/09 | Reply ]
[-] racist, ignorant bigots? - Guest-Robyn
I find it so ironic for you to call someone a racist BECAUSE their skin happens to be white. What does that make you? NOT a racist? Hmm...

I was also at the Corpus Christi, TX tea party and I came away feeling an overwhelming love for my country and a need to stand up for the constitution.
[ Posted at 12:29 PM on 4/16/09 | Reply ]
[-] Robyn baby... - lovey
upon watching this horrific scene I at first did not think of Race. That's because we ARE becoming more and more and more united. We really are.
Yet I did a reality check and I knew what I saw.I saw what I knew.
Nothing but White folks...still up to their dirty, stupid, ignorant, close-minded, fearful, and angry, mean-spirited selves. Plain and simple dear. But the great thing about Robyn, THEY are now the minority!
White-Americans in general have had enough of this shit!
[ Posted at 6:58 PM on 4/16/09 | Reply ]
you're completely out of touch with reality. Most of those slogans are quite appropriate and quite intelligent.

These, on the other hand, show Obama supporters for the complete America-hating freaks of nature that they are:

[ Posted at 11:21 PM on 4/17/09 | Reply ]
This event was open to all. But only non-communist people who want their taxes reduced showed up. You are the ones angry because you are realizing the man you slober all over isn't the messiah you thought he was.
[ Posted at 7:25 PM on 4/20/09 | Reply ]
I know you value your stupidity, but communism and socialism are completely different systems - one relates to government, and one relates to the economy. For instance, there are states in India that are both Democratic and Communist.

But to know that, you'd have to get off your ass and worry about someone other than yourself.
[ Posted at 5:55 PM on 8/18/09 | Reply ]
[-] Don't have a clue - Guest-Patriot
I have been looking at the post and you people don't have a clue. You really think 95% of Americans are getting a tax break. First of all Obama is letting the Bush tax "CUTS" expire. He will then tax every thing under the sun like cigaretts and energy. Wait till the cap and trade goes into effect. You think you won't be taxed? All the things Obama wants to do for the folks that don't want to help themselves will have to be paid for by somebody and the top 5% won't even cover it. For one thing people paying for the lazy people will stop hiring and cut their business back so they won't be making over $250,000 and not have to pay so much tax then Obama will have to lower the amount. Obama is creating a lot of government jobs. Where does the money come from. Oh yeah, the Fed prints it and causes infation. Wallah your money is worthless and it takes a wheelbarrow full to buy a loaf of bread. It has happened in the past. Get a clue. Actually read those history books and don't look at the pictures.
[ Posted at 3:57 PM on 4/27/09 | Reply ]

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