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Sarah Palin Blows Stephen Colbert's "Secret" Trip
Posted By jwilkes - Saturday, May 30th, 2009 at 1:41 AM
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Did Republican Alaska Governor and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin just completely blow Stephen Colbert's cover?

Earlier today, Palin took to her Twitter account to send supporters this quick tweet: "Getting ready to tape shout-out for our awesome US troops serving overseas!  Will be on 'Colbert Report' next month, broadcasting from Iraq..."

The problem: Stephen Colbert has spent the last several months talking about his upcoming trip without any reference to when or where the trip was to take place.  According to Colbert, the US Department of Defense had given him clearance to broadcast live from the Persian Gulf, but specifically told him that- for security reasons- it was important not to disclose the precise date or location of his journey.  As with all things, Colbert had fun with it.  Take a look at the jingle he runs fairly regularly on his show:

In one fell swoop, Palin managed not only to out the location of Colbert's trip (Iraq), but the date as well (next month).  It will be interesting to see how Colbert handles the newly released information on his show.  It will be even more interesting to see how the Department of Defense reacts, and whether or not they change the setting of the upcoming broadcast.

Palin has made no comment following her tweet...but one has to imagine she feels a little sheepish.  And Stephen Colbert must have a pretty good idea of just how often Palin tunes into his show.

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[-] Wow - Guest-JohnThomas
I really, REALLY wish Palin would go and crawl back under the rock from which she emerged!

[ Posted at 11:23 AM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
It is hilarious to see the venom spewed by the left over Sarah Palin. She really terrifies them. Attractive, acoomplished, intellegent and the left just falls to pieces.
[ Posted at 1:37 AM on 6/4/09 | Reply ]
Of course Palin is "intellegent".

She just isn't intelligent. Neither are you. Simplifying the staggering problems with Sarah Palin running for VP to the point that it's a right v.s. left issue is idiotic. Even people with conservative politics were terrified that she might succeed. She simply wasn't - and still isn't - competent.

Pointing that out doesn't make somebody a leftist. It only demonstrates that they have a basic level of intelligence.
[ Posted at 3:26 PM on 6/4/09 | Reply ]
[-] Not too big of a deal... - Guest-Johnny
Well I don't think Iraq & next month are exactly precise location and time... That's a whole country and a whole month.

Johnny Website Link
[ Posted at 11:36 AM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
[-] Come on - Guest-John513
Seriously? Bit of an over-reaction. "Iraq" is rather non-specific, and "next month," as in, two days from now, is totally un-helpful. Knee-jerk reaction much?
[ Posted at 1:20 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
Sarah Palin is annoying. I wish she and her trailer park trash family would just go away.
[ Posted at 1:29 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
Sarah Palin is really important to the loony left. They fear her.

I hope she runs against Obama in 2012. Then we'll see what 'unhinged left' is all about.
[ Posted at 2:16 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
You're a nutjob if you support Palin. Then again you wingnuts are so pathetic, it's almost hilarious.
[ Posted at 2:26 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
[-] You're fishin' - Guest-jeff382
Hilarious. It's always fun to read trolls. We both hope that Palin runs against Obama in 2012! If she doesn't win Alaska, the only hope she has is UTAH.
[ Posted at 6:36 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
You're right we're scared. Scared that she gets any more responsibilities. Scared that an even bigger dummy than Bush could hold the reigns. Scared that a fundamentalist with no brains would have leadership.
[ Posted at 7:44 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
Yeah, you're scared alright. Scared that someone as attractive, intellegent and accomplished as Sarah Palin is on the national stage.

Howz that Obamessiah working out for you, anyway? Has he closed Gitmo? Ended the war? Howz that transparency? No more earmarks, right? Opps, 8400 in the very first bill. Any lobbyists in the government? What did you dufuses vote for anyway? And yet you morons on the left still love him. You are all useless eaters.
[ Posted at 1:40 AM on 6/4/09 | Reply ]
I know O'reilly and Limbaugh tell you that we fear here,but the fact of the matter is....they lie!Every time they open their gobs,a line of crap falls out,and you mouthbreathers believe them.

We don't fear Trailer Tarsh sarah.We actually pray that you babbling idiots nominate her in 2012,because by teh time she loses 99%-1% on election night,the Repig Party will be dead,killed by her stupidity.
[ Posted at 8:04 AM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] From your lips... - Guest-maynotlast god's ears. I wake up every morning PRAYING Sara Palin is the GOP nom. in 2012. And 2016. And 2020. The Democrats might need just that much to repair the damage those criminals did to America. And a Palin candidacy will keep them in office for a long long time.
[ Posted at 4:53 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
"And Stephen Colbert must have a pretty good idea of just how often Palin tunes into his show."

But she watches all tv shows. Just like she reads all magazines and newspapers.
[ Posted at 4:00 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
[-] Nerdy Matrix Refrence - Guest-anon
she's the architect from the matrix? :P
[ Posted at 4:26 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
[-] Figures - Guest-Jimlo
Don't think she really blew it but I still think she is a screeching Harpy.
[ Posted at 5:00 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
You should link to said tweet as a source in your post.
[ Posted at 7:25 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
link entered!
[ Posted at 9:35 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
I don't think that'll be the last thing she BLOWS.
[ Posted at 10:31 PM on 5/30/09 | Reply ]
Because getting Palin to be President would be a smart idea! She'd be telling every country what we're doing...

...I did watch her porno recently!
"Who's Nailin Palin?"
Google it.
[ Posted at 1:02 AM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
quit whining
[ Posted at 3:39 AM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] I often wonder - Guest-liberalis
how many wingnuts really think that Colbert is a conservative. Of course, I hope it's all of them, but I suspect it's not very many
[ Posted at 3:59 AM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! - Guest-paul640
YOU STUPID FRIGGIN' BIMBO. Somebody needs to take her backwards, country bumpkin, inbred, innocent wildlife animal shooting self OUT OF OFFICE (because someone that dumb has no business being in a position of power) lock her up in a supermax prison for the rest of her life. This moronic twit is as much of a danger to America as Osama BIn Laden

paul Website Link
[ Posted at 10:08 AM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] Did anyone seriously think - Guest-MichaelD
Colbert would so highly promote his mystery trip for so long only to end up in ... Qatar? Of course he's going to Iraq. If he were going to the UAE or whatever there wouldn't even be a reason to keep the country a mystery.

The timing (June) is new. I was expecting him to be there on Memorial Day.
[ Posted at 1:06 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] Mountain out of a molehill - Guest-Augustine
I'm no Sarah Palin apologist - she is definitely unqualified to be VP, much less president. However, stating that Colbert will be in Iraq (didn't mention the city or even the province, just the nation) next month (didn't mention how many weeks, just "next month") doesn't reveal that much information.

Please, this is like the Republicans saying Nancy Pelosi knew everything about waterboarding and other torture techniques and approved of them because of the briefings (details of which aren't public).

Should Palin have said anything? No, but please, just calm down.
[ Posted at 1:11 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] its not an election year - Guest-DemMajorityJohn
we have to obsess on something
[ Posted at 1:16 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] Sarah Palin is the Moosinator - Guest-MinistryOfTruth
she can destroy an entire ecosystem, and put lipstick on a Caribou.

The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is the same as it is from Juneau to Vladivostok, apparently.

That, and Dick Cheney's overbite
[ Posted at 1:13 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
and The Alaska Grifter is that the pit bull can actually keep its mouth shut sometimes.

God, I despise her.
[ Posted at 1:18 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] I processed the title in chunks - Guest-CathodeRay
First, I saw: "Sarah Palin Blows..." Yes, she does; she blew a flute in a beauty pageant, so you're spot-on there.

Then: "Sarah Palin Blows Stephen Colbert..." ZOMG!

Finally, the actual title. I should really stop drinking so much beer on the weekends.
[ Posted at 1:14 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] Not the first time - Guest-carolita
Remember just after she was nominated (during her acceptance speech, actually) she did the same thing to her son -- anounced the name of his unit and when and where they were going to be deployed. And she didn't even need Twitter for that.
[ Posted at 1:15 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
prosecuted for that. Puts our soldiers at risk of direct terrorist attack by inurgents.

This is so fucking classic for those asshole neocon Republicans. They act as if OPSEC is short for "opportunistic sex." Most of them are draft dodgers too. Not principled pacifists who protested the war, but draft dodgers who ducked it to save their expensive little asses.

Recall all the security violations under Bush:

"We're picking up terrorist chatter" (at news conferences) thereby compromising SIGINT.

The Iran crypto leak.

Outing Plame.

Cheney refusing the routine yearly TS doc checks in his office.

Even allowing Ahmed fucking Chalabi anywhere near anything classified (how'bout the 9-11 exercise leak (the "drill spill")? still unproven but p < .005 against coincidence).

The ones that have to do with intel come right to mind for me, but there are plenty of others in other areas, anyone with relevant expertise knows 'em well.

These fuckwads shouldn't get clearances, should have their existing ones revoked, shouldn't be allowed anywhere near anything military or intel, and should start getting prosecuted for this kind of crap.

Good God!, it's as if they never even learned enough American history to know what "Loose lips sink ships" means.
[ Posted at 1:16 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
Is this woman determined to cause problems for other people?

She needs to go back to her igloo and never be seen again.
[ Posted at 4:24 PM on 5/31/09 | Reply ]
[-] Head Cheese - Guest-HarryHarpo
Most of those trashing Sarah Palin are GAY men. If they're trashing her than they ARE GAY!

Harry Harpo Website Link
[ Posted at 9:41 PM on 6/3/09 | Reply ]

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