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GOP Rep. Jenkins: GOP Looking for 'Great White Hope'
Posted By jwilkes - Thursday, August 27th, 2009 at 10:18 AM
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During a recent town hall meeting, Republican Representative Lynn Jenkins of Kansas was asked how the GOP and its supporters could hope to defeat President Barack Obama's agenda.  Her answer was more than a little startling. 

"Republicans are struggling right now to find the Great White Hope.   suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington.."  Jenkins then went on to list the name of several posisble national party leaders, including Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, and Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin- all of whom are white.

The Great White Hope, for those who are unfamiliar with the reference, is a play upon which a film of the same name was made in 1970, and earned the sole Academy Award nomination for James Earl Jones (who also earned a Tony Award for the Broadway performance).  The movie followed a seemingly unbeatable African American boxing champion who is almost universally hated by the predominantly white fans.  As the black protagonist continues to dominate his sport, his adversaries seek a white boxer upon whom they can pin their hopes of redeeming their race in the sport.  The play was inspired by the career of the first African American heavyweight champ, Jack Johnson.  A former heavyweight champion by the name of Jim Jeffries came out of retirement to face Johnson, commenting, "I am going into this fight for the sole purpose of proving that a white man is better than a Negro."  Johnson defeated Jeffries soundly, sparking nationwide race riots.

So, that's the background of the comment.  Now draw the obvious paralells.  The discussion at the town hall meeting was about finding a leader who can help Republicans defeat the agenda of our nation's first African American president, and Jenkins commented on the search for a "Great White Hope."

Jenkins denied any racial reference, but through her spokesperson issued an apology for a "poor choice of words."  Formerly the state Treasurer of Kansas, she defeated one-term Democrat Nancy Boyda in 2008 by less than 1000 votes.

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[-] THAT IS APPALLING - Guest-George65
No other way to describe that. It demonstrates an awareness of race that is quite frankly a little frightening for an elected officeholder.
[ Posted at 10:56 AM on 8/27/09 | Reply ]
She is either a racist or stupid. Either way, she is incapable of holding office.

Chris R Website Link
[ Posted at 3:41 PM on 8/27/09 | Reply ]
[-] what, me racist? - Guest-Nightwish1
Being an Iraq war vet and a minority, I find comments like these very disappointing. This woman may or may not have realized the import of the statement she made, but that she could not utter the apology herself shows her disingenuousness.

Her defenders excuse the very basis of the sensitivity that statements like these engender. It's all over the place. O'Reilly (who should absolutely know better, considering the prejudice the Irish endured just coming here), Beck, and Rush don't use overt remarks, it's all very covert. I have been discriminated against I can't tell you how many times, as I lost count DECADES ago! I never judged a man or woman based on anything but their integrity. It seems, however, that it was never reciprocated.

These "little" remarks are not lost on those whose small minds cannot comprehend that the Constitution, which they vehemently defend, decrys the very thing they hold in such high regard-superiority granted them by God. Utter nonsense.

In battle, lead and copper know no color, we are all the same. This sort of thing is just one more slap in the face to all those men and women of color who fought and died for equality and justice.

It all makes me very sad.
[ Posted at 11:29 AM on 8/29/09 | Reply ]
[-] We live in a very strange time - Guest-LeftHandedMan929
one where it is considered more offensive to point out that this woman is patently full of shit in her PR statement and to point out that racism is playing a large and very open role in the ginning up of opposition to the Obama administration than to focus a spotlight on the obvious racism itself.

I'm surprised David Duke doesn't attempt a comeback at this point.

Considering the apparently magical powers that the PR phrase "I used a poor choice of words and meant no offense when I... " has when uttered by a Movement Conservative.
[ Posted at 6:43 PM on 8/29/09 | Reply ]
"tlaoken" of republican generosity. Jenkins secretly(not any more) in a world where the white man rules and those who are different are therefore inferior. Only enlightenment will change Jenkins. However, her words a forewarning of the danger she is to the House of Representatives. Any legislation she is a party to, should be scrutinized thoroughly. She will take the nation backward, because of her fear and ignorance. Beward, House of Reps. you have an admitted bigot in your midst and along with Bachmann are really representative of Republican ultimate goals: to rid the WH of that black man and restore whitey to power.
[ Posted at 11:12 PM on 8/29/09 | Reply ]

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