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Mark Foley Gets His Own Radio Show
Posted By jwilkes - Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 at 2:30 PM
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In a bizarre bit of political news, former Rep. Mark Foley, the disgraced Republican from Florida who incited furor across the nation when he admitted to sending sexually-charged emails to underage male Congressional pages, has been given his very own radio show to talk about issues facing conservative America.

WSVU 960am, a Palm Beach area radio station, has greenlit a show featuring Fley to debut on September 22.  The title: Inside the Mind of Mark Foley.

The station is a hodgepodge of sorts, mixing some talk radio (Foley will join nationally syndicated shows like the Don Imus Show), sports (NFL broadcasts for the Dallas Cowboys and MLB broadcasts for the Boston Red Sox), and adult-contemporary music. 

Foley was cleared of any criminal charges following the revelation of lewd, provocative emails to young boys back in 2006.  However, the scandal and his subsequent resignation was one of the single most significant events in the turning of the national mood against Congressional Republicans in the run-up to the 2006 election that saw Democrats take control of both chambers of Congress.

Support Eyes On Obama!

As long as he repeats the Bible, that is to say the Talking Points of the holy Republican Party.

But putting anyone besides a worshipper on talk radio, too dangerous.
[ Posted at 4:38 PM on 9/9/09 | Reply ]
[-] This is wrong - Guest-BenG
Mr. Foley resigned from the United States Congress for innapropriate contact with minor pages, at the same time he was chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.

Mr. Foley's text messages and emails to minor children working in the US Capital included:

- "Did you spank it this weekend yourself?" and "Where did you unload it."

- "I am hard as a tell me when yours reaches rock"

- "Get a ruler and measure it for me."

It's sickening to retype. Why would they give a public voice to this man?

Do the residents of North Palm Beach truly want to know what is "inside the mind of Mark Foley?" Haven't all Americans suffered enough from his manipulation of children and misuse of power?

Mr. Foley was a career hipocrit and liar. In 2002, he told National Public Radio:

- "I think what we've done here is allowed people to get away, if you will, whether it's virtual reality or live children, exploiting them for sexual gratification."

- "What I consider pornographic is when you're allowed to interact with a person who has a less than desirable intent [on the Internet.]"

- "I look at this more from a child-endangerment aspect. It's not necessarily that we have committed the crime already and can find reasonable cause to prosecute. My concern is it's luring people into the likelihood that they become victims themselves. I think that's a misuse of youth and I think it's a way to soil their future..."

What will the station do when the topic of peadophilia arises? Allow Mr. Foley to lie and manipulate the public once more...or simply ask him not to show up for work that day?

How will the station respond if a minor child calls into the show with a comment or quesiton? Some parents were up in arms over the President giving a speech on education. Will these same parents want their children listening to this predator?

I'm very dissapointed. "Inside the Mind of Mark Foley" was a bad idea and should never air.

Shame on whomever gave this man a public voice in North Palm Beach.
[ Posted at 8:10 AM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
to the point of being criminal. I'm sure mark will be very successful -- lots of Pedos in Florida.
[ Posted at 12:43 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
call-ins to Foley's show.

In the name of bi-partisanship, we don't want Foley to be lonely when he goes on the air, do we?

I'm sure there are a great many things we can have bi-partisan dialogue with him about.


OK, there's only one topic that comes to mind for some reason, but he is known to enjoy it, so there's no problem.
[ Posted at 12:49 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
Oliver North...etc.

Being a total piece of scum seems to add to their appeal.

I'm surprised it took him this long to get a radio gig.
[ Posted at 1:13 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] Name of show: - Guest-BobJohnson
"Talking Dirty"
[ Posted at 1:18 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
"Inside the Mind of Mark Foley". Tell me what the hell kind of sicko wants to go there?
[ Posted at 1:46 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] What a scary place. - Guest-BobJohnson410
Will he be asking male callers, "What are you wearing right now?"
[ Posted at 2:55 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]

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