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Democrat Challenger Rob Miller Raises $200k After Wilson Outburst
Posted By jwilkes - Thursday, September 10th, 2009 at 1:23 PM
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Rob Miller, a Democrat and Marine Corps veteran challenging Republican Joe Wilson in 2010, has raised more than $200k following national coverage of Wilson's outburst at President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress last night, during which he called out "you lie."

Democratic fundraising site where potential donors can start their own fundraising groups aimed at backing particular candidates- has seen a flurry of activity.  One group consisting mostly of "Kossacks"- the moniker given to DailyKos frequenters- is titled, "Defeating the man who yelled "liar" at Obama: Goodbye Rep Joe Wilson."  Since last night, that single group has raised more tham $135,000.  Others, like the "Rob Miller 2010 Club" and another consisting of "People Against Inappropriate Outbusrts" have pulled in more than $10,000.  (Click here to contribute yourself.)

Miller took on Wilson last year in the heavily Republican district (which features a Cook Partisan Voting Index Rating of Republican +9) and performed above expectation, garnering 46% of the vote.

During President Obama's speech on health care reform before Congress, Wilson shouted "you lie" as Obama explained that no portion of any version the bill provides for taxpayer-funded coverage for illegal aliens.  In fact, Obama was correct: none of the five bills circulating in the House or the Senate would provide illegal immigrants with access to government-funded health coverage.

But it was the form, and not the substance of Wilson's disagreement with the president that irked others who watched the speech.  He's received a bevy of criticism, not just from Democrats, but from fellow Republicans as well.  Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ), and Bob Corker (R-TN) were just a few of those who spoke out against Wilson.  The South Carolina Congressman issued a swift apology, which was accepted by Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel at the White House and later commented upon by President Obama.

Support Eyes On Obama!

the DNC has it up to $350,000 now
[ Posted at 1:54 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] $374,000 now... - Guest-Viceroy
I don't think it's nearly high enough yet!
[ Posted at 2:26 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] Thom Hartmann sent $50 - Guest-CoolOnion
He told that on his show today, that as soon as Joe Wilson said, "Lie," Hartmann google-searched him, found his Democratic opponent and sent fifty bucks.

Seems lots of other people had the same idea!
[ Posted at 1:55 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] I love watching - Guest-eeff161
the total climb
[ Posted at 3:06 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
month. Probably at least half that by this time next week. I'll contribute next payday.
[ Posted at 1:55 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
reflect the amount Kossacks donated to Miller. I know several who made contributions prior to the Kossack page being set up or who, like myself, donated directly on Miller's website. I went back and kicked in $10 more just so it would be recorded on the Kossacks for Miller ActBlue page.
[ Posted at 1:59 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] 98 more - Guest-eeff
that fast

Joe is in deep do do

I think Rob needs to get out there on TV show he's a good speaker & is going to be for people to see if this will grow bigger

I should would like to hear Rob speak.
[ Posted at 2:15 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] Make that 368,387 - Guest-eeff305
LOL it's creating it's on wave
[ Posted at 2:16 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
for Miller on ActBlue. 425 donations already, $17.5K. Wilson's going to be facing some grassroots-generated consequences for his behavior.
[ Posted at 2:26 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
In several posts last night, an address and telephone # were given, but when I called the # this am to verify address, I got a recording that the # wasn't in service.

This is for a friend who likes to send checks via USPS, and I want Rob to get a nice plump check from him :)
[ Posted at 2:28 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] I found something at - Guest-GN1927567
a cached version of

21 Scott's St.
Beaufort, SC 29902

[ Posted at 2:29 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] Thanks, GN1927! - Guest-EmpowerInk61
That telephone number worked!

The correct address is:

219 Scott Street
Beaufort, SC 29902
[ Posted at 2:37 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] Great! - Guest-GN1927660
That's information to be spread around. Thank you!

"I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last.---President Obama"
[ Posted at 2:41 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
As a teacher and a mom, I'm always looking for the teachable moment. As a dem, I'm always ready for the actionable moment. Joe "What'd I do wrong?" Wilson provided me with a lovely synchronicity of the two.
[ Posted at 2:32 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
but I predict between 1/2 and 3/4 of a mil. Prove me wrong, either way, those where some expensive two words.
[ Posted at 2:34 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] Heh - Guest-LivingInGin
Suck it, Wilson.
[ Posted at 2:48 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] This is truly - Guest-SantaSusannaKid
a beautiful thing
[ Posted at 3:10 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
I don't mean to be pissy about it, but it really bugs the heck out of me when the Morans do it.
[ Posted at 7:02 PM on 9/10/09 | Reply ]
[-] Yeah, you're right... - Guest-George65
That is pissy.

Besides...don't call someone a "moran" for incorrect word usage. It's "moron," smart guy. That's like me calling you a "stuped dumass."
[ Posted at 1:22 AM on 9/11/09 | Reply ]
[-] Play nice, fellas. - jwilkes
Maxalbcom is right. My original title was "Democrat Rob Miller..." I went back ad added the word "Challenger" but forgot the "-ic".

And while I don't know that I'd call myself a "moran," I do appreciate the feedback.

[ Posted at 1:24 AM on 9/11/09 | Reply ]

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