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Is It Me, or Does WWE Exec Linda McMahon Have a Serious Campaign?
Posted By jwilkes - Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 at 1:44 PM
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While the debate rages on between seven to twelve-year-old nationwide (and sadly, some much, much older) as to whether or not wrestling (the spandex-wearing, jump-off-the-top-of-the-ropes, incoherent-monologue-filled kind) is "real," it's very possible that something authentic just might be emerging from the business that frequently features baseball great Pete Rose in a chicken suit or Mike Tyson...well, just being Mike Tyson.  I'm flabbergasted that I'd ever say this, but it sort of, kind of, just maybe looks like WWE chief executive Linda McMahon, who today declared her candidacy for the Senate in Connecticut, has a serious campaign on her hands.

While her on-screen appearances appeal to a different demographic than the voting crowd she'll likely court, McMahon isn't necessarily a stranger to public policy.  In January of 2009, she was appointed to the state board of education by Governor Jodi Rell.  She and her husband- WWE owner Vince McMahon have long been patrons to the national Republican party, and every election cycle use their wrestling events to spur voters to the polls ("Smackdown the Vote"...seriously).

A few months back, we ran a story on the tendency of people in the "sports entertainment" business to trend toward the right when it comes to politics. But while the McMahon family has never been mistaken for liberal, Linda's campaign contributions indicate that she is decidedly moderate.  In addition to GOP contributions, she's provided campaign funds to Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman, and in 2008 to then-Congressman (now White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel).  She's also donated heavily to Republican Majority for Choice, a political action committee aimed at putting pro-choice Republicans in office.

But on her campaign site, McMahon brushes off the donations to Democrats.  "Although I’ve given more to Republican candidates than to Democrats, as the CEO and the public face of WWE, my contributions were consistent with the fact that WWE, like most businesses, is nonpartisan. Make no mistake: I’m a Republican."

Still, let's keep expectations realistically low.  Even if she were running unopposed for the nomination, she comes from a businss that many Americans- probably a good number of them in Connecticut- see as one step below Hollywood and only a small step above something worse when it comes to the impact it has on society in general.  Plus, she does have  a real opponent in Rob Simmons, the former congressman who is polling exceptionally well and raising large funds.  But McMahon does have a few huge things going to her advantage.  There are hundreds of thousands of WWE fans who are willing to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year on WWE events, pay-per-view shows, and products.  There are a good number of them that- while having no vested interest in politics- would be more than willing to donate a few bucks.  After all, Linda is almost always a crowd-favorite protagonist against her villain-husband, Vince.  Again, people actually argue over whether or not wrestling is real.

But the other aspect is that McMahon has a lot of her own money.  Depending on how much she's willing to funnel into her campaign, she could cause a headache for Simmons if she starts to gain a little traction.   Simmons is already fighting off Sam Caliguiri, but a well-funded opponent would certainly spice things up.

if the impossible happens, and McMahon were to wreak enough havoc (this is sounding like a WWE monologue already) in the primary to squeak through with the nomination, she'd face an incumbent Chris Dodd in the fight of his political career.

It's too tempting to say that this is really going to be a "Royal Rumble."  Or to liken hearing the news of McMahon's candidacy to getting hit in the face with a steel chair.  But at any rate, this should be interesting.

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[-] Settle it in the ring - Guest-Jimmy977
I think if she wins, instead of debates and silly elections, we should have Dodd and her wrestle for the Senate seat. In fact, that should be how all political offices are decided!
[ Posted at 2:43 PM on 9/16/09 | Reply ]
and people here trying to dismiss her via her connection with wrestling are seriously missing the boat. The biggest liability will likely be her indicted, steroid-abusing, frequently-accused-of-sexual-harassment husband. And her job as a CEO was because of that indictment, not because of a background in business acumen. But from everything I know about her, she's been very active in outreach programs, education initiatives, etc. She not a joke candidate.

Whether she's a good candidate against Simmons, I have no idea - CT politics are far outside my area of expertise. But she's not a joke.
[ Posted at 2:38 PM on 9/17/09 | Reply ]
[-] The way in which her husband - Guest-PsychoSavannah
makes money is disgusting and contributing to the downward slide of our country. That she tolerates and applauds it makes her just as slimy as he is, IMHO.
[ Posted at 5:08 PM on 9/17/09 | Reply ]
[-] Jeez. - Guest-AdamB
How about a business which abuses its talent, maintained a hands-off approach to steroid and painkiller abuse and whose participants die young at an alarming rate?
[ Posted at 10:43 PM on 9/17/09 | Reply ]
I assume you're referring to Major League Baseball? (see: Ken Caminitti)
[ Posted at 1:04 PM on 9/20/09 | Reply ]
[-] JOEL1954 - Guest-freeperssaysheisaplant
Seems like she donated more money to democrats than republicans recently. The plan was hatched up by the dnc to get her the nomination and let Dodd win.
Freepers are very demented, but being a CT. republican she can't be a winger.
[ Posted at 5:52 PM on 9/17/09 | Reply ]
And I bet if anybody starts bagging on the wwe, she'll pull out their yearly visit to wrestle in Iraq or Afghanistan and the work they do with Make-a-Wish.

The problem she'll run into is she seems to be socially liberal.
[ Posted at 7:28 PM on 9/17/09 | Reply ]
[-] inda McMahon - Guest-WillowR
Last week we received some blockbuster news out of the state Connecticut, when Linda McMahon, CEO of the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, announced that she was stepping down from her position in the company to run for Senate. However, Linda McMahon running for one of the two Connecticut Senate seats, and she is looking to uproot Senator Chris Dodd, who was fingered for favoritism from cronies in the finance industry. Linda is the wife of Vince McMahon, and heretofore she had been the CEO of WWE, the pro-wrestling empire. Vince is assuming her duties along with his as Chairman. She will run as a Republican, but she has donated to causes and candidates of both parties, and she will have fierce competition. However, Linda McMahon is a wealthy woman – she won't need payday cash advance loans for funding.

Willow R. Website Link
[ Posted at 12:35 AM on 9/22/09 | Reply ]

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